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NASRDA Recruitment

NASRDA recruitment 2024 – The National Space Research and Development Agency vacancies are intended to attract the best talents with knowledge and skills in space technologies. Read on to discover the NASRDA recruitment, salary, and application process.

The NASRDA recruitment is designed for professionals interested in working for one of Nigeria’s most important agencies involved in space research and development. It also seeks to attract people who can work in communications, technology, research and development, and space science technologies.

With the NASRDA recruitment, you will be able to work for an organization that aims at exploring outer space from Nigeria. You also have the opportunity to work for a team that is made up of dedicated professionals who have expertise in different areas of space science.

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Who Can Apply for NASRDA Recruitment?

The National Space Research and Development Agency recruitment initiative has been designed for people of different levels interested in working for the space agency. This includes, but is not limited to, scientists, researchers, and professionals with previous experience developing technologies for a space-based mission.

National Space Research and Development Agency Recruitment can also be used by people who are just expected to work at the ground station or with a satellite that will be launched. The levels of your experience also determine how much you can get paid.

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At the top level, you are expected to have a Ph.D. in space science from a recognized university. You must also have experience in the research and development of different technologies for space science missions. The lowest level within NASRDA recruitment is for people with BSc degrees.

Salary and Benefits that come with NASRDA Recruitment

The salary package for National Space Research and Development Agency Recruitment can be attractive depending on your job position, skills, and experience. The organization pays for housing, feeding, medical care, transport, and other allowances.

You will also have opportunities to travel to different countries to work on specific projects. This can be a good thing for those interested in working on space missions for another country.

The main advantage of working for an organization like NASRDA is that some vacancies do not require applicants with previous experience. In addition, it seeks to attract people with diverse skills and backgrounds that can contribute towards the research and development of different space-based technologies.

Requirement for NASRDA Recruitment 2024

To qualify for NASRDA Recruitment, you must have a BSc in electronics, physics, or technology from a recognized institution. You must also have relevant experience in developing space science technologies and research. Other requirements are as follows:

Nationality Nigerians with valid identity card
Minimum Age 25
Maximum Age 35
Experience Minimum of 2 years (depends on role)
Academic Qualification HND, BS.c from accredited institutions
Professional Certifications Will be an added advantage
Other Requirements English proficiency, Engineering Experience and excellent communication skills.

How to Apply for NASRDA Recruitment?

You can apply for the NASRDA recruitment through the employment portal of the agency via When the recruitment process is initiated, the agency will create a portal where you can submit your application.

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The deadline for completing the NASRDA recruitment can be different depending on the role you applied for. The organization will also provide you with all the information you need to apply and be considered for this job opportunity.

The National Space Research and Development Agency Recruitment is an excellent opportunity for people passionate about space who want to help contribute to developing technologies that can be used for space missions. It is essential to have your skills and knowledge about space science relevant for the role if you want to make it into the final list of potential candidates.

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