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ExxonMobil Recruitment

ExxonMobil Recruitment 2024: The ExxonMobil vacancy 2024 is an exercise to attract the best professionals with experience in the oil and gas sector. Read on to discover the Exxonmobil careers, Exxonmobil recruitment process and How to Apply.

ExxonMobil leads the way in exploration and development; they fuel every major nation with their products and are a leading force in the research and development of new energy technologies. They operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries. 

ExxonMobil recruitment encourages people to be curious, do the best job possible, and produce quality results while constantly striving for excellence. This organization’s values are what make it a great place to work. ExxonMobil is a leader in implementing educational and professional development programs, promoting diversity in the workplace, and respecting its employees.

As one of the world’s leading energy and chemical companies, ExxonMobil recruitment 2024 is a plan to hire new employees with experience in engineering or other fields related to energy and chemical manufacturing. For job seekers looking for an opportunity in Nigeria, look no further than this large multinational company.


This company is an industry leader requiring employees to pursue new ideas and advanced technology and contribute to their industry through the ExxonMobil vacancy in 2024. This organization is always interested in hiring professionals with specific training or education relevant to the industry. 

ExxonMobil Recruitment Process

ExxonMobil has a standard or preferred recruitment process for all its employees. This process is very particular and must be followed for a candidate to become a company member. All potential employees will undergo a series of steps before working for ExxonMobil. 

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This process is designed to screen out unsuitable job applicants, determine their eligibility, and eliminate those candidates who are not suitable to work for the company. The first step in the recruitment process would be to fill out an online application form on their website. This application form asks for basic personal information, such as the applicant’s contact information and educational and employment history. 

Applicants must provide a detailed list of previous work experience, including work dates, duties performed in each position, and supervisors’ names and contact information. If the potential candidate has any certifications or licenses, they must also list them on the form. 

It is vital to be completely truthful on the application form because ExxonMobil will begin to verify the information on the form. Any applicant who falsifies or provides false information on their application form cannot continue in the recruitment process or receive employment with ExxonMobil. 

Requirements for ExxonMobil Recruitment

In order to be considered for a position with ExxonMobil, applicants must meet certain minimum requirements. 

Minimum Education OND or BSc from any recognized institution
Minimum Age 25 years old
Minimum Experience 3 years
Professional Certification Will be added advantage
Location Nationwide
Gender Male and Female
Other Requirements IT Skills and English proficiency

These are the same standards that are used for all ExxonMobil employees, so candidates with the most experience or training will have an advantage in terms of getting hired. The only way to receive these high entry-level standards is through training, education and experience.

How to Apply for ExxonMobil Recruitment 2024?

You can find an online application form on the ExxonMobil careers website via jobs.exxonmobil.com. The website’s homepage is the appropriate link for current job seekers. It will take you to an area where candidates can submit their application forms directly. 

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Completing an online application form is relatively simple, but it takes some time to complete. Applicants need to meet all of the information on the state to provide them with the best chance of being hired. Applicants must be completely truthful on their application forms to not jeopardize their employment opportunities. 

Candidates must be willing to provide accurate information regarding their experience with past employers and the type of work they did at each position if they want to be considered for an interview with ExxonMobil. The company verifies all information provided on the application form as part of its screening process.

The application form will also ask for information from candidates that is not directly related to employment but may help to determine whether an applicant will be a good fit for the company and its work environment. 

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