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DPR Recruitment

DPR Recruitment 2024 – The Department of Petroleum Resources’ recruitment drive is to ensure more compliance within the oil and gas sector. Continue reading to discover the DPR recruitment process and NUPRC recruitment form.

The Nigeria Oil and Gas industry is one of the most dynamic industries in Nigeria insofar as revenue generation is concerned. Most of the nation’s revenue comes from this industry, and every central economic zone in the country depends on the Oil and Gas industry, directly or indirectly, for its economic gain. 

The structure of the Oil and gas industry structure is complex, with several layers in the extraction and transportation of petroleum, right from the exploration stage to the retail outlet level. One agency recognized as a significant player in ensuring compliance within the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry is the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) of Nigeria, now referred to as the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission – NUPRC. 

DPR is a federal agency that ensures compliance with petroleum laws, regulations, and oil and gas industry guidelines. DPR carries out in-depth and efficient monitoring of the significant activities in the oil and gas sector, such as Oil Exploration, Oil Production, Gas Exploration, Gas Production, and allied services to oil and gas companies to ensure compliance to develop a solid and efficient regulatory culture in the oil and gas industry for Nigeria.

With a robust system of laws guiding the industry, DPR ensures that the oil and gas sector operates with the highest level of transparency and professionalism to protect the interest of all stakeholders and the environment by ensuring that all companies comply with the rules and regulations of the industry.

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Training and strengthening the capacity of the DPR recruitment exercise will help ensure more industry compliance and fill up vacant positions in various departments with qualified individuals from accredited institutions.

Reasons to Apply for DPR Recruitment 2024

As an organization that operates in the oil and gas industry, DPR is one of Nigeria’s most attractive employers, with attractive pay and benefits packages and excellent career opportunities. The DPR will offer several benefits to candidates who apply for a job in its various departments through the DPR recruitment 2024.

DPR employees enjoy a great degree of job satisfaction as they make important decisions that directly impact the well-being of the nation’s economy and the energy resources of Nigeria.  

In addition to the benefits offered by the organization, DPR is also known to give great opportunities for long-term career development. The DPR provides training and development programs for employees interested in acquiring new knowledge in particular work areas and allows them to advance in their careers. The DPR also provides extensive support to employees who need help with personal development through training and mentoring.

Requirements for DPR Recruitment 2024

All candidates applying for DPR recruitment 2024 are required to meet the following criteria:

Nationality Nigerians with valid ID and Birth Certificate
Minimum Age 25
Maximum Age 35
Experience Minimum of 2 years (depends on role)
Academic Qualification HND, BS.c, from accredited institutions
Other Requirements Candidates must speak English fluently and have excellent communication skills.
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How to Apply for DPR Recruitment 

To apply for jobs in DPR, candidates must submit their application forms through the DPR recruitment portal. The DPR portal is accessible online or through the following link: www.dpr.gov.ng.

Candidates are expected to complete the application process by uploading a copy of their Curriculum Vitae (CV) obtained from their personal website/profile or a link to the same, as well as attaching an offer letter, a copy of final qualification results, and other relevant documents. 

Candidates are expected to indicate their areas of interest on the portal. They will be contacted in due time by the HR department of DPR with instructions on how they can proceed with the DPR recruitment process.

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