Npower Assessment Test 2024 Schedule | Timetable and Test Portal

 The 2024 Npower Assessment Test Schedule is now open. On this page,, you will find more information on the Npower Test schedule, the Npower Test portal, the batch C Test deadline, and other relevant topics.

Before starting the online Test, all Npower batch C applicants must update their profiles on the NASIMS portal. To update your profile, log on to the official Portal at

Schedule for Npower Assessment Tests 2024

You may view the entire schedule for the ongoing Npower Assessment Test on the website at Additionally, you will discover how to complete the online Test successfully and without any difficulties.

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As soon as the names or list of individuals who have been successfully shortlisted for the program are released, the Npower Assessment Test will begin.

The subjects linked to the programs that candidates who applied for the Npower program and were shortlisted would be Tested on.

Timetable for Npower Assessment Tests in 2024

It has been planned for the Npower assessment Test to take place as soon as possible. The evaluation Test will be given to every applicant in the country. The official Npower website is where you can get the schedule.

As long as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer is online, you can take the N-Power Online exam on one of these devices.

The assessment Test comprises questions that assess general knowledge,, verbal and quantitative thinking, numerical reasoning, and English language proficiency. The Test’s schedule is listed on the Portal.

Once the shortlist of candidates is made public, the Test will take place.

For the online CBT Test, all batch C applicants must go to

Each applicant will take a Test covering topics pertinent to the program of their choice.

Candidates who pass the Test will be pre-selected for the physical verification following the completion of the stages mentioned above.

How to Access the Npower Test Portal 2024

The instructions provided below will teach you how to log in and take the Npower Test on the NASIMS portal:

  • Using your details, go to the Npower Test Portal at and log in.
  • Select a program.
  • Select the Test tab.
  • Select “Take Test”

Your Test will start right away.

Once an applicant has successfully confirmed their bio-data on the Portal, the Npower Batch C Test will begin.

Npower Test questions include a wide range of topics, including but not limited to general knowledge, use of English, and quantitative reasoning.

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