American Visa Lottery | What You Need To Know Before You Apply In 2023

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In this article, we will explore the USA VISA Lottery program and share some quality guides on studying, living, and working in America. It should also be noted that every piece of information here is free; thus, no fees will be charged for accessing it here.

Let’s dive right in with an American Visa lottery guide covering everything you need on the subject.

What is American Visa Lottery

Since 1994, the Green Card Lottery has provided more than fifty thousand people around the globe each year with the opportunity to immigrate to the United States of America without needing special qualifications, U.S. relatives, or an employer there.US authorities have established relatively modest entry requirements that give everyone a fair shot at winning this lottery – winners are drawn annually in May/June by government agencies.

Benefits Of American Green Card

American Visa Lottery Application winners will reap many advantages in winning this program:
Gaining permanent residency is like becoming a U.S. citizen – you can live freely in the country while taking advantage of grants and sponsorship available both domestically and abroad.


US Green Cards provide work permit protections abroad. In addition, the lottery aims to diversify immigrant populations in the U.S. by selecting applicants primarily from countries with low rates of immigration in recent years. To apply for a diversity visa, applicants need to know:

Education or Work Requirements

Participate in the Green Card Lottery by showing proof of completing at least 12 years of formal primary and secondary schooling – in other words, at least an American high school diploma is required for entry.

Apply if you can demonstrate at least two years of work experience within the past five years in a profession requiring at least two years of training; please check the Department of State database to determine whether your job qualifies.

Age Requirement for the Green Card Lottery

Technically speaking, there is no age restriction when applying for the USA Visa Lottery program; however, people under 16 cannot meet the education requirements.

Language Requirements

Many USA fans inquire as to the minimum English skills requirements to participate in the Green Card Lottery. Special language knowledge is optional – some winners even entered without speaking a single word of English and won! Still, for optimal preparation, should you win this lottery, it would be beneficial to enroll in English classes at an English language school to be as prepared as possible when participating in it.

Proof of Fund

At the time of application for the Green Card Lottery, applicants do not need to provide evidence of their finances – this information will only be required once their Green Card has been awarded.

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How to Apply for American Visa Lottery | Steps Involved

Submit Your Application

Applying for the U.S. visa lottery is available year-round; applications should be sent directly to U.S. authorities between October and November each year. In addition, people around the globe can submit applications using their portal provided by U.S. authorities for consideration in this lottery.

Over the year, our organizers have taken great care and consideration when processing Green Card applications individually and personally. Should any questions arise or changes need to be made before submitting it to U.S. authorities – thus eliminating any risk of disqualification due to formal application errors.

The Green Card Lottery drawing

In May or June of the following year, approximately seven months after receiving applications for Green Card Lottery, the U.S. government announces its winners randomly selected by U.S. authorities. Participants who took part will receive written notification of their results.

Delivery of your winner documents

If you are one of the lucky winners, your application status will be verified via email with a certificate, notification from U.S. State Department, and documents regarding the winner documents.
Furthermore, you will receive the 56-page winner’s guide compiled by Green Card experts.

U.S. consulate invitation

Your invitation for the Green Card interview depends on your “case number,” with lower numbers being invited sooner and upon submission of your DS-260 form. So, in addition to checking your mailbox regularly, remember emails too!

Activation trip to the USA

Once your interview appointment has gone well, you have up to six months from the date of your medical examination until entering the United States for the first time and activating your Green Card.

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Getting the Green Card

Your Green Card will be sent directly to the U.S. address provided three to six months following the activation trip. Unfortunately, you cannot use an international address, which will delay its arrival.

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