8 Jobs You Can Do In Canada Without A Work Permit

Work in Canada without workpermit

Many people believe that you must be a holder of a work permit before being offered a job in Canada, but this is only the case in some cases. It is important to be aware of the jobs you can perform within Canada, even without a work permit. Here, we’ve compiled a list of tasks you can do within Canada without a license for work.

By the Canadian Government, Foreign nationals are permitted to be employed in Canada without having a work permit provided their work is covered as per sections 186(a) and 186(x) in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) or the Global Skills Strategy public policy for short-term employment and 120-day work for researchers.

List of Jobs in Canada Without Work Permits


You can perform if you’re an athlete and are taken to Canada for training purposes. Obtaining a work permit before being able to work in Canada is optional. However, you have to be able to prove that you’re an athlete or coach to be permitted to work in Canada.

Religious Work/Clergy Work in Canada without a permit

Are you a pastor, an imam? Or do you have any religious titles? You can be employed in Canada without a permit to work.

Providers of emergency service

If you’re being asked to provide emergency services, applying for a work permit is optional before you can work in Canada. Emergency service providers aren’t required to have authorization to work before being able to work in Canada. But, it can’t be an act of choice; you must have been requested to work by The Canadian Government or were commissioned by your country to provide some emergency work in Canada.

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Examiners/Evaluators’ jobs in Canada without a permit

If you’re an examiner/evaluator and you are an examiner/evaluator, you can be permitted to work in Canada without an official work permit. If you’re an academic, you could be asked to oversee exams for professional purposes in Canada. If this is the case, obtaining a work permit is optional before working in Canada. If you’re an Evaluator, you will be required to perform certain evaluations in Canada and not require a work permit.

Performing Artists

Suppose you’re an international artist planning an event you want to play at a venue in Canada for a limited time. In that case, obtaining authorization to work in Canada is optional. Many foreign artists perform in Canada and have permission to play in Canada. However, there’s no reason to be concerned as a performer. Jobs in Canada are not regulated.

Convention Organizers

If you’re an event planner and have an event planned in Canada, it is optional to have authorization to work in Canada. However, you’ll only be able to perform your job as an event coordinator during your time in Canada but not for any other kind of job.

News Reporter

If you’re a journalist commissioned by your country to keep track of the latest news in Canada, You won’t be required to carry work permits.

Army Personnel jobs in Canada without authorization

If you’re a military member looking to become a defence for Canada, it is not legally required to possess an employment permit before being allowed to begin working. Additionally, once you’ve been approved, you and your spouse will also have the opportunity to move with them to Canada.

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