10+ Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in the USA

Scholarships- The U.S. is home to some of the world’s premier universities (half of the global top 10) and houses more transnational scholars than any other nation – an estimated total of around 1.1 million, according to estimates by scholars themselves. We offer fully funded Master’s scholarships in America, so you can join this elite community while studying for your Master’s degree here!

Before enrolling for a Master’s degree education in the USA, there are various repercussions you should be aware of.
Things you should keep in mind before applying to US Masters study institutions

To qualify for a Master’s study in the U.S., one must possess an internationally-recognized bachelor’s degree or original qualification from an internationally recognized institution. Furthermore, you will usually have to provide evidence supporting this degree with additional coursework, such as presentations.

One or more letters of recommendation;
As needed (e.g., GRE/ GMAT);
Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL/ IELTS); If you aren’t a native speaker;
Your purpose statement outlines your goals and demonstrates your aptitude for the course.

While some institutions accept applications on an ongoing basis, most sodalities offer two deadlines – an early (usually December to January) and a regular deadline ( typically March or April).
Apply to as many U.S. universities as you wish, though many scholars choose six as a starting point. U.S. universities typically charge an operation figure between 50-100 dollars; online operations may be cheaper or more accessible.

Apply for a USA Student visa.

Foreign applicants will require an F-1 nonimmigrant visa to secure admission at one of the SEVP-approved universities, proving that sufficient finances exist for your course. In addition, you will be invited for an interview at your original U.S. delegation with all necessary supporting documents and operations personnel.

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Ten Completely Funded Masters Literacy Initiatives in the USA

Good news – there are multiple Master’s literacies in the USA available to international students! Please check back, as we will update and simplify this list occasionally.

Fulbright Fully Funded Foreign Scholarships

Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers graduate scholars, young professionals and artists from overseas the chance to study for Fully Funded Masters’s Scholarships in the USA.
Literacy programs provide a postgraduate study that leads to either a Master’s or Ph.D. degree and can be awarded non-degree doctoral studies. Explored as part of this Program are one or multiple times at U.S. universities or other appropriate institutions.

Operational Deadline may differ by country; however, it generally falls between February and May annually of your desired study timeframe.
Award Numbers: Award numbers vary per country, but approximately 4,000 foreign scholars admit Fulbright literacy every time around.
Value of Fulbright Program: Fulbright provides comprehensive financial assistance throughout your study abroad experience, from tuition and books, airfare and living allowance, living paycheck, and health insurance – see their official website for exact benefits of attendance.

Duration of Scholarship The entire duration of any study, exploration, or non-degree Program – generally one time or longer.

MasterCard Foundation literacy at Michigan State University

Michigan State University USA and MasterCard Foundation have collaborated to offer full educational literacy to scholars from Sub-Saharan Africa, with MSU hosting more scholars than its six U.S. mate institutions. Scholars who demonstrate academic ability, economic hardship, or commitment to giving back are encouraged to apply.
Operation Deadline February 1.

Number of Awards: Not specified
Benefits of the Program: Fully funded academic and social support is included.
Duration of Scholarship: For the entire length of Master’s studies.

MasterCard Foundation Literacy at University of California Berkeley

At the University of California Berkeley, the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program will offer fully funded Masters’s Scholarships that provide academic, social, and career comfort to master scholars from Sub-Saharan Africa from 2012-20. As part of MFSP, UC Berkeley will accept$ 30 Million over eight cycles to cover this initiative.

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Application Deadline: Between December 1 and January 6.
Number of Awards: Not Specified
Value of the Program: Completely-Funded Education Opportunity.
Duration of Scholarship: The scholarship covers an academic term or semester.

Georgetown University Literacy for African Students

Georgetown University USA’s Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) degree program offers African students an excellent two-year, full-time graduate program in international affairs.
MSFS international students enrolled will take courses on transnational relations, international trade and finance, statistics and analytical tools as well as history.. Furthermore, students can select an area of specialization, such as International Relations and Security or Development or Business. Furthermore, MSFS provides Fully Funded Master’s Scholarships in the USA for talented graduate pupils from sub-Saharan Africa.

Application Deadline: January 15
Eligible African Countries Consideration will be given to aspirants from Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.
Value of Program: Fully Funded Scholarships
Duration of Scholarship: Program duration

Oregon State University International Cultural Service Program

Oregon State University’s International Cultural Scholarship and Partnerships program – or ICSP for short – aims to foster literacy for transnational scholars outside Oregon in exchange for artistic services to the university, academic subspecialties, and surrounding communities. In addition, ICSP seeks to cultivate creative mindfulness and understanding throughout Oregon’s original region and state.

Operation Deadline: January 15.
Value of Program: $7,500 to $30,000.
Awardees: 10- 20

Margaret McNamara Educational Subventions to Increase Literacy among Women From Developing Countries Living in U.S. & Canada.

Margaret McNamara Educational Subventions (MMEG) education are open to womanish scholars from Developing Countries who aim to improve their lives and their children through furthering their studies in seminaries in North America and the USA. Subventions may also be applied to international educational exchange programs between developing nations.

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Application Deadline for Grant Applications is January 15, 2016.
Number of Literacies Not Stated

Education Benefits: Education Philanthropists give approximately $15,000 towards each education initiative they support.
Duration of Award: The award is granted once and will last throughout your study time.

Eastern Illinois University International Student Scholarship

The Board of Trustees established the Eastern Illinois University International Student Scholarship to enable scholars from different nations to attend Eastern Illinois University. Awards are competitively awarded and designed to foster artistic exchange and diversity, considering the financial need and academic excellence when making awards decisions.

The application deadline for fall semester literacy classes is March 1.
Literacy classes start on October 1 for spring semester literacy studies.
Total Awards Granted: Unknown
Value of the Program: EIU courses provide partial education at no additional charge for minimal full-time registration in EIU courses.
Duration of Scholarships: Course duration

East Tennessee State University Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is open to new transnational scholars seeking either a graduate or undergraduate degree and covers 50 percent of the total in and out-of-state tuition costs, along with any conservation freights incurred for travel costs only.

Application Deadline October 15
Awards Available: Unknown
Value of Program: Education accounts for 50% of overall expenses related to in and out-of-state education costs and conservation freights only.

Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Scholarship Research Program for scholars in developing countries

The Marine Stewardship Council Scholarship Research Program is open to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars studying problems and results associated with fisheries management, operation, and chain integrity of seafood force chains.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) runs an innovative and ambitious program, working closely with partners worldwide to address global seafood demand while supporting sustainable fishing practices.
Operation Deadline: March 16.
Number and Value of Awards: The MSC provides travel and study literacy awards up to PS4,000 each to eligible undergraduate and postgraduate scholars worldwide.
Duration of Program: The design must be completed within 12 months of the launch date listed on the operation form, and a final design report must be submitted 15 months post-launch.

Virginia International University (VIU) Undergraduate and Graduate Literacy for International Students.

Virginia International University (VIU) provides students with an unrivaled opportunity for high-quality, multi-disciplinary education at an accessible price, giving scholars access to literacy. In addition, VIU attracts individuals who take their experience back into their communities, sharing it with future generations while building successful careers.
Accordingly, different forms of literacy exist based on specific expertise, academic achievement, adulterous participation, on-lot work experience, and occupancy.

Operation Deadlines: Varies depending upon the operation
Number of Awards: Not specified
Value of Program: Scholarship awards will only count toward semester education expenses.

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